Household Vs Office Movers In Christchurch

Moving house or office space can be treated quite differently. This is because oftentimes, items that are characteristic of offices and homes differ. Fortunately, Truck About household movers in Christchurch is equipped to offer professional services and advice for a variety of moving needs.

Household Movers

Moving house can be extremely stressful, especially if the whole family is involved. That is why it is advisable to get professional help to make the process smoother and hassle-free. Often, the home that you are moving to is not the same size as your original house. This means that there may be some furniture that is unwanted as it does not fit in or go with the style of your new space. Professional movers will be able to help dispose of this furniture safely and legally.

Packing Up Home Tips 

A key home moving tip is to label your boxes in detail so that items do not get lost and unpacking is easier.

Using plastic shrink wrap instead of duct tape has shown to be less wasteful and more secure. This is because plastic wrap has a large stretch factor.

Lastly, the fridge and washing machine are overlooked as a safe and secure storage space while moving. Small, loose items can be transported inside these clean and dry appliances for utmost space efficiency.

Office Movers

Offices contain slightly different items to be moved compared to households. Examples are large desks, numerous chairs and bulky office supplies. Electronic devices such as computers, monitors and projectors also need to be considered and treated with specific care. Blankets and soft material should be used to wrap up these valuable devices to prevent scratching and damage.

Office supplies may not be able to be moved into the new office space straight away due to space or logistical issues. If this is true, a storage locker is a good solution to this problem. This is a safe space where items can be locked away for later use. Professional movers can transport goods such as these to storage facilities.

If you are looking to move house or office and need professional household movers in Christchurch, contact us at Truck About for excellent customer relations and quality services!